A Parent’s Guide to Being Smarter than a Smartphone

Police Dog Sniffing a Phone

I am very excited to let you know about a special opportunity coming up soon! I will be a speaker at an upcoming online parenting conference. I will be sharing helpful and practical info on the topics of parenting teens and smartphones. There are also 6 other speakers and topics that you may find interesting and helpful as well. I am teaming up with one of my professional friends to offer … [Read more...]

A Recipe For School Success

Recipe for Success

The  school year is officially starting. This can be a truly crazy time and a big adjustment for everyone in the family.  There is just so much going on. My question for you is this . . . Does your teenager have what they need to be successful this year? Here are a few important ingredients to include in a recipe for school success. Physical & Mental Health One of the most … [Read more...]

Nature is Cheaper Than Therapy


Does your teenager need to get outside and get some exercise? Maybe a bike ride, walking the dog or going for a hike would do him some good. There is no doubt that exercise can boost his mood, improve his energy and help him sleep better. I just got back from a wonderful backpacking trip in the Kings Canyon wilderness area. While I am still recovering from hiking 32 miles of trail, the … [Read more...]

How to Avoid a Bummer Summer with Your Teenager

Graduating Teenager

This is the season for graduations, parties and all kinds of end of the school year activities. For many summer has already started or is at least within grasp. I have been thinking about you and I want you to know that I have your back. I have a great blog post for you this week that is chock full of good ideas and resources. You may be worried about your son sleeping in ridiculously late, … [Read more...]

Sink or Swim: 5 Tips to a Successful Summer

Successful Summer

Summer is right around the corner and your kids are going to be out of school before you know it. To support you in planning for a successful summer, I put together this helpful list with my friends Marcus Moore, MFT and Sierra Dator, LCSW. The tips are geared towards parents of middle school age kids, but they certainly apply to all families. 1. Let’s get on the same page, literally! Family … [Read more...]