My Artwork Inspired By Counseling

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When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be a cartoonist. I spent countless hours drawing Garfield and working through "How To Draw" books. Once I even had my drawing published in the local newspaper and won four dollars! Later in high school I aspired to be a graphic artist and was accepted into several art schools for graphic design. Instead of pursuing that path I ended up studying theology … [Read more...]

Raising Resilient Kids in Stressful Times

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I attended an excellent talk recently on "Raising Resilient Kids in Stressful Times." The speaker was Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a developmental psychologist from Canada. He wrote the best selling book (and one of my favorites) Hold On To Your Kids. He had some important things to say that I want to share with you. The definition of resilience is the ability to handle stress and adversity … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Families: Putting Family First

Extraordinary Families

My new church is putting on an excellent series titled "5 Commitments of Extraordinary Families" and I just had to share some of the highlights. I think the message here is valuable whether or not you are religious. I would be interested to hear your feedback in the comments.   Putting Family First This seems like such an obvious point that it made me stop and think. If you asked me … [Read more...]

5 Parenting Experts to Follow on Twitter

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Do you think there are more parents on Facebook or Twitter? Now, if I had to guess, I would say that more parents are active on Facebook than Twitter. Just going by the numbers, Facebook has over 750 million subscribers. I know that as a parent, I spend more time on Facebook. However, I have found that Twitter is a great source for all types of connections and resources. Just like anything … [Read more...]

Blogging, Parenting & Consistency (Video)

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A few thoughts I wanted to share a few thoughts with you today on parenting and consistency. I was sitting here today trying to figure out what to write on the blog this week. I have been committed to posting something every Wednesday for the last 15 weeks. It has been quite a challenge to think of something meaningful to write about and post consistently every single week. That made me think … [Read more...]