Why Group Therapy Might Be The Best Choice For Your Teenager

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What do you do when you realize that your teenager is struggling or in trouble? No parent likes to see their child suffering or in pain. It is a natural response to step in and do something. You probably try to get some understanding of the problem and then look for ways to help him. Does he need more of your time and attention? More firm parenting, structure and limits? Does he need to … [Read more...]

Are You Looking for Counseling in Santa Rosa?

Counseling Santa Rosa

Are you considering finding counseling for your teenager? Not sure if your teen actually needs counseling? Not sure where to begin finding counseling for your teen? In this post I will list some indications that it may be time to find a counselor for your teen. I will also discuss a few points to consider when finding the right counselor as well as some resources that may help you in your … [Read more...]

Looking For An Anger Management Group For Teens?

Angry Teen Needs Counseling

In the last two weeks I have had several inquiry calls about anger management groups or classes for teenagers. Each time I was at a loss, without a resource to recommend. One call was from a resource specialist from a large insurance company. He had made 15 calls looking for an anger management group for teens in Sonoma County without any luck. I made a few calls myself, starting with the … [Read more...]