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I want to know what you want to know! My mission is to support you as a parent and to empower your teenager. One of my teenage clients recently asked me if I like my job. The truth is that I really do love the counseling work that I do in my office each week. However, I want to be able to help more parents and more teens. The best way that I can think of doing this is to offer online … [Read more...]

From Your Couch To Mine: How To Get Your Teen Into Counseling

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You may know that your teenager needs counseling, but how in the world do you get him to agree to come? You certainly can't force him into counseling, unless the situation is really bad, i.e. the police and the court are involved. You can't trick him into coming, because that would never stick. You may be able to bribe him to come, but that will be short lived as well. So, how do you get your … [Read more...]

Jock, Prep or Stoner?

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Teenagers seek out groups.┬áSecurity, protection, belonging, acceptance. High school requires social survival skills and no one wants to be an outcast. Groups can be a powerful and influential force in the life of a teenager. This can be a positive or negative factor. Parents often worry that their son will get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Some kids are natural leaders and some are … [Read more...]

Why Group Therapy Might Be The Best Choice For Your Teenager

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What do you do when you realize that your teenager is struggling or in trouble? No parent likes to see their child suffering or in pain. It is a natural response to step in and do something. You probably try to get some understanding of the problem and then look for ways to help him. Does he need more of your time and attention? More firm parenting, structure and limits? Does he need to … [Read more...]

A Text Message That Could Change Your Teen’s Negative Attitude

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Have you ever wondered what to do about your teen's negative attitude? Maybe he hardly ever has anything positive to say, is often grumbly and dissatisfied or rarely says thank you. Nothing you say to him seems to sink in or help him change his mind. If your teenager is like so many others, he may have his eyes and fingers constantly glued to his phone while texting madly. Well, I found a … [Read more...]